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Text "Christmas Traditions"

Christmas is probably the most festive time of the year, a season of gift-giving and celebration. We all know that Christmas is a religious holiday which marks the birth of Jesus Christ. But did you also know that some of the traditions are adapted from rituals dating back to a time before Christianity?
Many pagan peoples regarded the winter solstice as a time of celebration. Anticipating the return of spring, people decorated their homes with evergreen plants, a symbol of eternal life. Mistletoe was especially popular, as it was believed to have magic powers. People hung sprigs of mistletoe in their homes and kissed beneath them as a gesture of friendship. At pagan festivals there was also a lot of singing and dancing going on – “dancing in a circle” is the original meaning of the word “carol”.
Still now we keep these traditions up: we sing Christmas carols and dance around in circles, we kiss beneath the mistletoe and we decorate our homes with Christmas trees. By the way, did you know that it was a German who set the trend of decorating Christmas trees in England? It was Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. When he moved to England, Christmas trees had already been popular in continental Europe, but not in England. In 1841, Prince Albert put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle. The event was reported in the press; and as the whole country was very keen on the royal family, people enthusiastically took up the custom of decorating a tree at Christmas. 


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If I could choose one thing, I would choose to send the dawn away. I would choose to be alone with you. I don’t want or need anything else. Alone. You and I, and nothing else. 

Letícia Thompson


A Model of "Curriculum Vitae" in English

 Currículo de Robert Memphis, um estudante americano que acaba de concluir o Ensino Médio.

     Robert Memphis
       78 St. Jones Road
               Miami, Florida 04240
        (305) 555-5099
          Career Objective: Computer support technician
          Education: High School Diploma, June 2013
          Edward Little High School
          Honors and Awards:
          Honor Roll for last three semesters
          Perfect Attendance Award for the last two academic years
          Extra-Curricular Courses:
          Introduction to Computer Repair I Introduction to BASIC
          Database & Spreadsheets Word Processing I
          Language Skills: Spanish - intermediate
          Volunteer Work
          Network Assistant (volunteer) - Edward Little High School.
          September 2012-May 2013. Assembled 20 computers for new computer laboratory, loaded software on each one, and networked them.
          Other Professional Experience:
          Olive Garden: waiterperson - Summer 2012.
          Provided efficient, friendly, quality service in busy fine dining atmosphere.
          Child care provider : Summer 2011.
          Provided safe, warm environment for two children aged 4 and 7. Supervised their self-directed play, prepared meals and snacks, settled disputes, determined appropriate discipline, and followed bedtime routines.
          Soccer Team - 2009-2013 - Co-captain 2011-2013
          Civil Rights Team - 2013
          Soup Kitchen Volunteer - 2010-2011

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