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Vocabulary and globalization:

Alimentos e bebidas: cheeseburger, cookies, diet, fast food, ketchup, light, milk-shake, pizza, sandwich, self-serve, snack, soda, sundae, sweet, whisky.

Entretenimento, lazer e jogos: baseball, basketball, bike, camping, cinema, doping, drive-in, film, fitness, game, golf, handball, handicap, happy end, HP, jeep, jogging, karting, knockout, match, motocross, mountain-bike, park, poker, pub, show, skat, story, strip-tease, surf, tennis, topless, trailer, videotape, volleyball, windsurf, video-game, walkie-talkie.

Diversos: flat, king-size, kitchen, WC, blackout, checkup, diesel, happening, ice, kit, laser, mix, premium, spray, standart, step, master, city, house, park, place, rush, street, flash, freezer, tape, telephone, planet, star, universal.

Informática: output,
input, backbone, backup, batch, bit, byte, CD-ROM, chip, connection, data, sheet, database, e-mail, enter, fax, modem, graphic, hardware, HD, hard drive, homepage, internet, intranet, keyboard, media, media player, monitor, mouse, multimedia, net, off-line, on-line, print, printer, processor, scanner, software, speaker, update, upgrade, shift, enter, escape, delete.

Música: black music, blues, CD, compact disc, concert, country music, dance music, DJ, disc-jockey, flashback, funk, gospel, heavy metal, jazz, LP, new age, rap, rock, spiritual, stereo, swing, techno, twist.

Negócios: air mail, bank, best seller, boutique, business, bypass, cash, charter, club, container, credit, credit-card, delivery, express, feedback, flat, folder, follow-up, envelope, franchising, free, gold, hangar, hit, holding, hotel, lobby, Made in… magazine, management, manager, market, marketing, MBA, megastore, merchandising, news, offset, outdoor, paper, Ph.D. press, rent a car, report, royalty, sale, service, shopping center, slide, slogan, speaker, speech, duty-free, taxi, ticket, trademark, trainee, valet-park, van, design, drive-thru, export, home banking, import, money, office, motel.

Sociedade e comportamento: boyfriend, friend, girlfriend, lady, mister black, black power, gay, GLS, high society, king, President, Queen, serial killer, full-time, part-time, happy, love, relax, sex appeal, sexy, stress, baby-sitter, barman, cowboy, doctor, freelance, model, movie star, office-boy, top model.

Vestuário , acessórios e moda: baby doll, black tie, blazer, casual, cotton, lycra, fashion, jeans, stretch, shorts, tennis shoes.

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